Alleged iPhone 5S images leak

Although the iPhone 5 was released just over two months ago, purported images of an iPhone 5S have now been revealed. To add credence to the leak, reports have suggested that the new model may even be scheduled for a launch in early 2013.

Outed on a forum run by iPhone5parts, the rumored iPhone 5S sports an exterior design that's strikingly similar to the iPhone 5. No surprises there, of course, when you consider how Apple made the iPhone 4S almost completely identical to its predecessor. The rear of the device could actually pass as an iPhone 5 had it not it been for some specific information (like the serial number) being replaced with "x." We're presuming that indicates the images depict a prototype, but there definitely are minor differences from the iPhone 5, like different placement for the screws on the inside of the case.

It's widely expected that the iPhone 5S will be a minor upgrade, with Apple predicted to implement internal improvements over design changes, as was the case with the iPhone 4S. These leaked images, if they're legit, would seem to confirm that. The iPhone 4S saw the incorporation of a dual-core A5 CPU alongside a new dual-core GPU that boosted graphics performance by a factor of seven. More notably, the iPhone 4's antennae were revamped to remedy the infamous signal problem.

Apple was criticized after the iPhone 5's announcement for its latest smartphone not offering much of an upgrade from the iPhone 4S. Apart from having a bigger screen size and a lightning connector, everything else stayed more or less the same. But with Samsung rumored to be integrating a 10-megapixel+ camera into the Galaxy S4, Apple may look to deliver a better camera than the iPhone 5. It may also aim to offer a better screen, with the current Retina display (326 PPI) being left in the dust with the latest/upcoming smartphones such as the HTC Droid DNA, which boasts 440 PPI.

Personally, I'd like to see some major improvements that will deliver a completely different offering when compared to the iPhone 5. NFC has been picking up steam in the industry so that would be a welcomed addition, as would an OLED screen, and with wireless charging now being implemented into more smartphones (like the Nokia Lumia 920 and Google's Nexus 4), that would also be a compelling component. The latter in particular may come into fruition based on Apple's recent patent on the technology.

Via iPhone5parts

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