iPhone case doubles as an FDA-approved heart monitor

Using tech to monitor and our health is becoming increasingly common, but the myriad of new gadgets being introduced can be a little bit confusing, making adoption relatively slow. Now a new company has figured out a way to combine emerging health tech with an item we're already comfortably familiar with— an iPhone case.

The Alivecor Heart Monitor is an FDA-approved iPhone case that monitors the electrical impulses of the heart, acting as an electrocardiogram (ECG) device in addition to measuring your heart rate itself. Rather than draw power from the phone, the Alivecor uses a three-volt coin cell battery capable of taking up to 12,000 30-second ECG readings. You can measure and record your heart's electrical activity by simply applying your hand to the contacts on the case.

While the device is commercially available to anyone who wants one, it's no toy: the developers are marketing the device as a tool for professional use by medical doctors.

Scheduled to ship in early 2013, the Alivecor can be used with the iPhone 4 or 4S running iOS 5.1, and it's available now for just $199 here.

Via Alivecor

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