Commuter jet gets transformed into coolest kindergarten ever

Most little kids get cranky when they have to leave home to go to kindergarten for the first time, but what if going to school meant hanging out inside an actual jet plane all day?

That's what headmaster Gari Chapidze was thinking when he decided to build his school's new kindergarten classroom inside a retired Yakolev 42 commuter jet. The head of the Rustavi Georgia school says that he "wondered for a long time how to make a kindergarten where children will not want to go home." In the video below you can see how successful he was, with the kids playing gleefully in the cockpit which was purposefully left intact with most of its switches and instruments.

The cabin was stripped of its seats and turned into a more kid friendly environment, but other than that, the whole thing still looks and feels like it's ready to take off on an exotic trip. In the video, one little boy says that they should gas it up, presumably so they can zoom off on some new adventure.

For an adult, being cooped up all day in a small commuter jet like this must get kind of claustrophobic, but for a kid there's plenty of space. I just hope that they get served milk and cookies instead of the warm soda and stale pretzels that we've come to expect when flying inside the real thing.

Daily Telegraph, via Treehugger

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