White House Web petition urges construction of a Death Star

It's hard to imagine a more effective way to assert your nation's superpower status than by having your very own Death Star. Now U.S. Citizens can voice their support for building the ultimate weapon, by signing a petition on the official White House website.

Before you start to think that this is just another example of federal spending that has gone totally off the deep end, you should know that the petition is part of the website's "We The People" section, where any citizen can make proposals and recommendations. It also happens to be the place where all of those crazy state succession petitions are currently running. So rather than being some politician's ultimate pork barrel project, the petition was actually started by someone in Longmont, Colorado by the name of John D.

In his rationale for the proposal, John D points out that the death star project will create lots of jobs while strengthening our national defense. What he fails to mention is what he thinks building a death star will cost. Luckily for him, that math has already been done. Hey, at $852 quadrillion it's only about $2.6 billion per person. We can handle that, right?

The White House, via The Huffington Post

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