Smiley face sensor tattoo monitors your metabolism

With the exception of advanced prosthetics, body-integrated tech hasn't yet become widely available. A new development in sensor technology hopes to introduce a new kind of wearable tech that attaches to your skin like a tattoo while keeping an eye on your health.

Developed at the University of Toronto by PhD candidate Vinci Hung, this tiny device looks like a happy face tattoo with a hat on it, but it's actually an ion-selective electrode that monitors the skin's pH levels related to metabolic changes. Although this monitoring technology isn't new, Hung's innovation was in creating a device that allows the sensors to stick to a person's body, regardless of sweat or movement. In terms of design, the eyes of the tattoo work as the reference electrodes while the ears are the contacts needed for a measuring device.

The tattoo was created using a standard screen printer, and it's as harmless and temporary as any rub-on tattoos that you might find in a toy store. Currently, there are no announced plans to take this sensor tattoo commercial, but Hung has published a detailed paper outlining its development and implementation here.

Via Futurity

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