No escape: hybrid robot can roll and fly over any terrain

The dream (or is it a nightmare?) of many robotics fans is encountering a robot that can not only walk, but fly as well, making it unstoppable. Although it's nothing close to the walking and flying Gundam robots of Japanese anime, a new robot has indeed achieved the goal of ground and aerial locomotion.

Developed at the Illinois Institute of Technology's Robotics Lab, the HyTAQ (Hybrid Terrestrial and Aerial Quadrotor) robot uses a quadrotor configuration and four actuators to fly, along with a rolling cage to travel on the ground, making this the perfect robot to get you past obstacles. The robot is also very durable, boasting the ability to continue flying towards its target in the face of strong gusts of wind, while on the ground, it can easily roll through tricky terrain like sand dunes.

To truly grasp the amazing possibilities this hybrid robot presents you'll have to watch it seamlessly transition from land to air with your own eyes. You can see the HyTAQ in action in the video below.


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