AT&T bills are so complex, a custom video deciphers them for you

Have you ever looked at your phone bill and tried to decipher how it got so ridiculously bloated? After all, you do get unlimited data and calls for $39.99, right? AT&T has realized that its bills have become kind of ridiculous, so it now plans to send them in the form of a custom video made just for you.

The video walks you through the various parts of your bill, expanding on some sections while glossing over others. With that happy cheerful voice telling you where all your money is going, it all sounds pretty reasonable, but it still doesn't explain what some of the fees and taxes are.

While on some level his seems like a good idea, it would be much better if they could find an interactive way to do this. I usually know what all of the main charges are for, I just wonder about all of those nickel and dime fees that tend to add up. The video, though, just breezes along at its own pace, not letting you focus on the parts you don't understand.

Still, I guess it's easier than trying to get in touch with a real human at an AT&T customer service center.

Check out the video to see a fictional bill for some guy named Bryan. Personally, I want to know who on Earth he's calling for $214.75 a month.

AT&T, via Gizmodo

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