82-foot-tall 'Electronicus' sculpture modernizes the Christmas tree

The Belgian capital of Brussels is taking a non-traditional approach to its Christmas tree this year. An 82-foot-tall architectural sculpture has replaced the traditional fir in Brussels' central square.

The tree, called the ABIES-Electronicus, was designed by 1024 Architecture. It is, in a sense, decorated. The Electronicus is equipped with video projectors, a multi-color light display and a speaker system. It's a veritable bastion of holiday cheer. Best of all, there is a belvedere (which is a term for a viewing gallery, for those of you who don't read architectural dictionaries as a hobby) that allows visitors to look out over Grand Place from the top of the artistic-cum-modern Christmas tree.

The construction itself is rather simple: fabric is wrapped around the scaffolding that makes up the structure of the tree, and the only additions to it are the audio-video projectors and the belvedere. There's no word on what the Electronicus smells like, but we imagine that this is the Electronicus's only disadvantage to the more traditional style of Christmas tree.

1024 Architecture, via The Atlantic Cities

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