Elephant eats tourist's iPhone, she gets it back a bit smellier

Perhaps he saw the Apple logo on the back and figured it was lunch, but this elephant in a Thai animal park took a liking to a Chinese tourist's iPhone, snatched it out of her hand and swallowed it down.

As with all animals, what goes in one end eventually comes out the other, so after a presumably long wait the iPhone inevitably reappears, still working although perhaps a little smellier. Watch as the handler digs nonchalantly through the elephant dung looking for the ringing phone.

Of course in some parts of Thailand elephant dung is considered a gourmet specialty, so I wouldn't feel too sorry for the woman.

After watching it a couple of times, I'm calling fake on this one. The actions of the handler seem just a little too scripted, and how long would the woman have to wait for a phone to pass through an elephant? Still, it's pretty funny to watch.

Via Ubergizmo

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