Darkened cityscapes photo show gothic cities, fantastic stars

Photographer Thierry Cohen has gone to great lengths to create a series of cityscapes that show what our great cities would look like if the lights went off. The streets and monuments take on strange gothic illumination by the lights of the starry night skies.

Cohen created the collection to show how the light pollution from our cities dilutes the beauty of the skies above us.

As you'd expect, there is a complicated art behind these shots. Cohen visited deserted places that are situated at the same latitudes of the featured cities. With shots of starry skies from the wilderness in such places such as the Mojave and the Western Sahara, he superimposed them across the matching cities.

To achieve the darkened affect, surprisingly, the photographer captured the sharpness of the city skylines during the day and darkened them.

The result is a set of images that juxtapose the natural skies we normally don't see against what we normally do see as the heights of humankind's technological and architectural achievements. It's a thought-provoking flip.

Enjoy the gallery, and for more of the photographer's unusual techniques visit his website .

Thierry Cohen, via DesignTaxi

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