Concept bottle captures the soundtrack of your life

We've seen many miniature cameras designed to capture an photographic record of a person's every day life, but what of the sounds of your life? The tapping of your keyboard, your dog barking, or the leaves rustling in the wind all paint a picture as well. Now a designer has created a "sound bottle" that captures your favorite sounds.

The concept is called the Re: Sound Bottle and was designed by Jun Fujiwara of Tama Art University. It's a sleek bottle that is large enough to house the software used to make it work, so while it's not a miniature, ever-present device, it is capable of capturing the power and emotion of sound.

You simply uncork the bottle to set the bottle in recording mode. It creates an audio sampler of your favorite sounds; the samples create a database with various tracks selected to create rhythmic versions of those sounds.

To hear your rhythmic sounds you just uncork the bottle again to signal the software to kick in and you have your own personal audio soundtrack of your favorite things. It's a unique way to be your own DJ.

The concept bottle is Jun's idea of helping people become more involved with music by using their own sounds. Who knows if or when it might be produced, but the bottle did receive the special judges prize at the 2012 Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Awards.

Check out the video below to see the odd sonic bottle in action.

Via ThisIsColossal

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