E-ink case gives your iPhone 5 a second screen

When it comes to designing the ultimate device accessory, the Apple iPhone case is possible the most coveted sweet spot in the industry. Well, after hundreds of wacky and often practical ideas, we think we've seen what could be the most unique of them all: an e-ink screen case.

The Popslate actually puts a fully functional, always-on, low power e-ink screen on the back of your iPhone 5 case. And rather than simply act as a decorative curio, a quick look at the video demonstration proves that this could be the most useful iPhone case of all time. The case allows you to snap a photo or take an image from the Web and immediately put it on the back of your phone, including maps, directions, logos, to do lists, graphs, and just about anything you can think of that you might need for a quick reference or as simple decoration. Oh yeah, and you can read on it, too.

Currently, the device is being offered on Indiegogo for $99, with expected delivery in March of 2013, assuming the team reaches its funding goal. You can see the Popslate in action in the video below.

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