Back to the Future Delorean gets reimagined as an NYC taxi

The staying power of the Delorean as a time travel vehicle is undeniable, having shown up in a number of ads and parodies over the years. But the latest twist on the iconic Back to the Future vehicle mashes up time travel with New York City's workhorse, the yellow cab.

Created by Mike Lubrano, this design concept perfectly customizes a modern NYC yellow cab with all the trimmings and imagined flux capacitor internals of the original Delorean as it appeared in the science fiction classic. Although it appears that at least a couple of people think this is real, close examination of the images reveal the obvious traces of Photoshop.

However, those who were faked out probably saw the "25th Anniversary" advertisement on the top of the car and thought it might be a promotion for the real anniversary of the film (which occurred back in 2010).

You can check out a few more images of the concept design in the gallery below.

Via LaughingSquid

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