Smart TV owners aren't using most apps on them

Television is one place where the forward motion of technology is consistently evident. Unfortunately, this doesn't mean all of that forward motion is always useful. Smart TVs, which connect to the Internet and come with a litany of various applications, are one place that things aren't quite panning out. Turns out, people don't want Facebook and other apps on their TVs.

Well, that statement should be modified to say they want them but don't use them. There are about 25 million households with a smart TV in the United States, and among the applications that folks use the least are Twitter and LinkedIn. While the latter couldn't be less surprising, the fact that folks don't have Twitter feeds on their computers is surely antithesis to what these television's creators expected.

Some applications do well. About 60 percent of owners user services like Netflix and Hulu Plus a.k.a. video streaming services. Which makes sense as, you know, it's a television. Another 15 percent use music services, such as Pandora.

But they aren't watching YouTube videos, reading books, looking around Facebook or playing games. The only application other than music and video streaming services that cracked 10 percent of users was simple Web browsing.

As we move toward integrating home entertainment systems, perhaps this will change. For now, though, Netflix will continue to taking him the bacon for these TVs.

Via Digital Trends

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