QR code operated store plans to make shopping easier for men

Apparently, there are men out there who don't like to shop. The problem is serious enough that several stores are tackling the issue on how to make shopping easier to get men what they need without all the usual difficulties. The latest effort comes from a Seattle based store, Hointer that uses QR codes to guide men to the perfect pair of jeans.

The bricks and mortar location contains only one pair of jeans in each style. Hung on racks so customers can easily see the cut, brands and styling, the jeans are tagged with the QR codes and when the customer scans the code with the store's special app, they are directed to a dressing room with a simple tap on their phone.

Once in the dressing room the selection, in their size is delivered magically down a little chute. Didn't like it? Doesn't fit? You can send them back in the system and it automatically removes the selection from your virtual cart. Find a pair that does the trick? Then you can swipe your card in the POS machine in each dressing room.

Does this QR code system really make buying jeans easier, guys? Let's evaluate. You still have to try on different styles to find one that works. If you don't hit the lottery on your first choices you'll have to out and scan a few more choices.

Maybe easier is a tiny bit of an oversell, but the automation does seem to make it more fun and definitely more interesting. With jeans being delivered magically with no fuss I'm reminded of a modern Willa-Wonka-esque experience.

If you are the kind of shopper like I am, I don't much like talking to salespeople and I want an in and out experience. This Hointer trial location would certainly deliver on that.

If Hointer is looking to level up the experience to make it truly pain-free then I'd suggest instituting a Kinect system to evaluate body types. The system could then suggest a style that best fits your body to eliminate picking up the wrong style jeans from the hanging racks in the first place.

That next step would truly make it easier to get the right fit and allow us reticent shoppers to enjoy a little bit of automated fun in the process.

Hointer.com, via Springwise

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