Roll your own playable ice records fresh from the freezer

The record industry has suffered its fair share of setbacks, most notably the disruption of the business due to digital music files. But many audiophiles and music purists continue to cherish their vinyl collections. For those old school souls, a new promotion offers a cool bit of innovation that allows you to create your own, playable records at home, out of ice.

The Ice Record Project is a promotion created by TBWA Stockholm in conjunction with Swedish music group The Shout Out Louds for their "Blue Ice" single. Fans were given the chance to bid on an auction of the specially designed record that allows the owner to use included distilled water and a special mould to create a 7-inch record playable on any normal record player. Of course the record is fragile and degrades quickly once exposed to non-refrigerated air, but seeing the water turn into a playable record is fascinating nonetheless.

You can check out the creation and playing of the ice record in the video below.

Via Designboom

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