Image of the Day: Most fabulous Darth Vader helmet ever

Who knew recycled typewriter and computer parts could look so menacing?

Unlike most of what you see in our Images of the Day, you can actually purchase this one-of-a-kind Darth Vader helmet from artist Gabriel Dishaw on Etsy for just $800:

My passion for Star Wars and one of the baddest villain of all time has carried over to my upcycled art. Using found objects from typewriters, adding machines and old computers, I take the items people no longer have use for and I carefully disassembling these items and then reassemble these together using metal wire creating my Junk Art.

I begin each sculpture with an idea of how can I take these found pieces of useless metal and insignificant objects and create something that everyone can understand and relate to. I find myself looking at ordinary mechanical items to see how I could turn that something, into something else not originally intended for that use.

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Gabriel Dishaw on Etsy, via Laughing Squid

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