Human camera helmet takes photos when you poke the wearer

Asia may be lagging a bit behind when it comes to developing the latest groundbreaking software, but the region still rules in the realm of amazing gadgetry with no discernible purpose. The latest is a creation called Touchy, a device that makes anyone into a sort of human camera.

Created by Hong Kong new media artist Eric Siu, Touchy is a device that is worn like a helmet and shaped like an old school camera. The helmet is attached to a small globe called the Touchy Bulb. When passersby touch the bulb and the wearer at the same time for 10 seconds, a signal is sent to the helmet and a photo is taken. Just before the photo is taken, the helmet's eye sockets open twin apertures that show the wearer's eyes, illuminated by an internal helmet light. After the photo is taken, the image can be viewed on the helmet's rear-mounted 3.5-inch LCD screen.

For Siu, the project appears to be more of an experiment in social interaction facilitated by technology than any sort of major technology breakthrough. Nevertheless, the device did take some engineering skill and includes an Arduino microcontroller and other components Siu assembled himself. You can see the Touchy in action in the video below.

Touchy, via Numero

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