Finally, a way to control creepy cockroaches with Twitter

Cockroaches are one of the yuckiest, grossest things city dwellers have to deal with, but what if you could control their movements by sending them tweets from your smartphone? That would make it all better, right?

This Twitter Roach is wearing a tiny backpack that receives customized wireless signals, then transfers the signals into a stimulus directly to the bug's antennae. It's similar to other robotic cockroaches we've seen, only this time using an Arduino processor that takes input from Twitter.

Artist Brittany Ransom created Twitter Roach to explore whether insects will respond to an overabundance of external signals in a similar way to humans. We tend to tune out certain signals in our everyday lives, and Ransom is exploring whether the cockroaches will develop the same type of selective response.

Anyone can send tweets to @TweetRoach with commands such as #TweetRoachLeft or #TweetRoachRight, and the bug should respond. To avoid a blast of confusing messages, TwitterRoach can only receive one message every 30 seconds, and Ransom limits the amount of time the roach can wear the electronic backpack.

Now, if only there was a way to make it so all cockroaches were born with this feature built right in, we wouldn't have to worry about them crawling all over the house.

Via CNET Crave

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