If only: a look at which dinosaurs would be the most delicious

Ever since Jurassic Park, we've been trying to come up with practical purposes for dinosaurs, since we know that the day we will be able to clone them is coming. So here's an obvious question: if we were to eat them, would they taste good?

An analysis of what dinosaur meat might taste like requires a careful look at the musculature, diet and lifestyle of each particular species. Erin Berger, a journalism and dinosaurs student at Montana State University, asked paleontologist David Varricchio for some answers, with potentially tasty results.

T. rex, to start with the obvious choice, actually wouldn't make a great meal because it was a scavenger and was known to eat rancid meat. That would leave the T. rex meat too disease ridden for human consumption, unless you wanted some nice fresh parasites. Large herbivores, on the other hand, would probably taste like beef because of the slow-twitch muscle fibers their more sedentary lifestyles engender.

It probably won't surprise you that the supposedly tastiest dinosaur tastes (and looks) quite like a giant chicken. That dinosaur is the ornithomimid: think the trampling scene from the first Jurassic Park. Looks delicious, right? Its long, always-moving and powerful legs yield lots of fast-twitch muscle fibers, and those fibers make the ornithomimid's meat more akin to the white meat you'd find in fowl.

Dino legs would be great replacements for the turkey legs at Disney World, don't you think? And plus, the controversy over whether or not emus are being served at the House of Mouse could finally be silenced for good.

PopSci via BoingBoing

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