Giant shark tank breaks open, flooding mall and injuring shoppers

Whenever I see one of those massive public aquariums, I wonder just how thick that glass has to be. Apparently, someone at a shopping mall in China didn't work out the answer to that question accurately enough, because the giant front window of a huge tank holding recently gave way, flooding the onlookers with a 33 ton wave of water and sharks.

The tank had become a major draw at the Shanghai Orient Shopping Center since its installation two years ago, and held seven lemon sharks plus several other species. Thirty three tons isn't particularly huge as public aquariums go, but the water still weighs as much as 20 average cars. In the accident, all of the sharks were killed and 56 people at the mall were inured. Most of the injuries were cuts and bruises caused by shards from the 10 inch thick acrylic window, with no reports of sharks bites as far as I can tell.

Police are investigating the cause of the accident, and the mall says that they plan to rebuild the tank. No word on what happened to the sharks, although a man was seen carrying two of them headed towards a local restaurant.

I just hope the owner of this bed can still sleep soundly.

Check out the video to see surveillance footage of the break, and the gallery to see some of the aftermath.

Asiatown, via Gizmodo

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