Elevator helps your overweight pooch get up the stairs

So your dog is a bit overweight. Maybe so overweight that your best friend can't get around without some assistance. Apparently, this is really common, so much so that someone has designed a stair elevator to carry your vertically challenged pet up and down the stairs for you.

We're gonna skip right past the obvious solutions of, say, feeding your dog less or taking your dog on a walk once in a while to the design of this doggy elevator. It's pretty self-explanatory, and will take your pooch up the stairs and back down again as many times as his (or her) little over-sized heart desires. The prototype has a start button close to the ground so that Fido can get the elevator going with a mere push of the paw, and the basket lowers so there's little effort required to get in. Once your dog is safely situated, the elevator lifts several feet off the ground to move up the stairs.

Since it's predicted that more than half of dogs in the UK will be overweight by 2022, maybe this idea isn't so ridiculous after all? It's also not so ridiculous if your dog is disabled or too old to get up or down the stairs on their own, although the elevator is intended primarily for pooches with pudge. Decide for yourself if your dog needs its own elevator after viewing the gallery below, featuring none other than Chunky the bulldog.

Via Epic Weird

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