The 20 best satellite images of 2012

DigitalGlobe owns three satellites with big cameras on them, which together have imaged nearly 2.8 billion square kilometers of Earth's surface. You probably don't care about 2.7999 billion of those square kilometers, but that's cool, because DigitalGlobe has picked out the 20 very best little patches of our planet for 2012.

Some of you may have noticed that two billion square kilometers is significantly more than the entire surface area of the Earth (which currently stands at about 150 million square kilometers), but it's useful to keep on taking pictures of the same stuff to see how it changes over time. That way, we can document exactly how we're going about trashing our planet so that after it's too late, we can tell our kids "see, this is what not to do."

Check out all 20 images in the gallery below, and vote for your favorite from the top five on DigitalGlobe's Facebook page here.

DigitalGlobe, via Gizmodo

Full disclosure: the author used to work for GeoEye, which was acquired by DigitalGlobe, and thinks the whole idea of taking pictures of the Earth from space is hella cool.

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