Wearable touchscreen lets doctors monitor patients remotely

Some of the coolest sci-fi medical scenes show an injured person being monitored via some sort of slick visual interface controlled by a handheld device. Now a new product brings us a huge step closer towards that reality by delivering a wearable health monitor that doctors can check from their smartphones.

Developed by Sotera Wireless, the ViSi Mobile Monitor is a small health monitor with a colorful touchscreen display that can be strapped to a patient's arm to monitor their vitals in real-time. The device keeps an eye on blood pressure, heart and pulse rate, respiration rate, and skin temperature and includes the patient's name on the display as well as a dynamic graphic showing their current health status at a glance. The ViSi's wireless operation and small size means that it isn't limited to use in a hospital or an ambulance, and the patient can move around independently while health data continues to be collected by the device, which is also waterproof.

According to the developers, doctors can check the patient's vital signs remotely on standard PC, tablet, or smartphone, although the company hasn't announced which operating systems it supports. Nevertheless, Sotera recently received clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to sell the device to hospitals, which means we'll probably start seeing this amazing technology in the wild very soon.

You can see the ViSi Mobile Monitor in action in the video below.

ViSi Mobile Monitor, via FastcoDesign

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