Solar snowboard charges your gadgets, snow effort required

Solar power solutions have become popular for their utility as back-up power generators, especially for camping and outdoor activities when an electrical outlet may be hours away. But such solutions don't always need to be dedicated solely to serious considerations of survival off the grid: snowboarders need power too.

Signal Snowboards and Powerfilm Solar have teamed up to harness the power of flexible solar panels by equipping a snowboard with a working solar array. The board was outfitted with dual sheets of solar panels cut to fit the board's shape, and then connected to a converter mounted onto the middle of the board. The finished product offers two rechargeable batteries that can deliver power to a range of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

At first the contraption might seem impractical, but when you consider that (despite the snowy environment) snowboarders spend most of their time on sunny slopes at high altitudes, suddenly the combination starts to make some sense. You can see the construction and demonstration of the solar snowboard in the video below.

Signal Snowboards, via HypeBeast

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