NASA spacesuit prototype is designed for infinity and beyond

A few months ago we showed you the next generation spacesuit NASA has been working on called the Z-1. Back then, we only had a peek at the prototype suit, but new photos have now emerged that make it clear that someone at NASA has a sense of humor, because this suit is definitely inspired by Toy Story.

Earlier this month, NASA officially completed testing of the Z-1 prototype suit, which is designed to afford astronauts more mobility during missions as well as the ability to quickly get in and out using a rear "suitport." Previously, images of the prototype suit focused on the rear design, with the front helmet portion appearing consistent with older versions of NASA spacesuits. But these new images show off a look that is so reminiscent of Buzz Lightyear that it's hard to imagine that the designers weren't somehow influenced by the popular film. Now all that's missing is a jet pack with wings and a laser gun that doesn't really work.

You can see NASA Public Affairs Officer Brandi Dean talking about how an early version of the spacesuit was tested in the video below.

Via Tested

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