$16k 4-in-1 farming device could help save billions of dollars

65-year-old Sulaiman Famro built a prototype of his one-stop processing plant for vegetables and grains a few years ago. He calls his design Farmking and claims that it could save his home country of Nigeria $1 billion a year.

It cost Famro $16,000 to build his prototype, which can be used to process cassava, soy beans, maize, sweet potatoes, yams and a host of other vegetables and grains. The current processing methods of these foods in Nigeria tends to waste starch. But Famro's 4-in-one machine captures starch and recycles it for future use.

Farmking has a diesel engine and lighting for processing around the clock in remote locations. One side of Famro's design can handle chipping, grating and milling. The power plant is in the middle and there's a large steel drum in the back that can hold milled cassava. It uses a spin filter to turn tons of milled cassava into starch.

Famro hopes to market Farmking throughout Nigeria and that is what he's currently working on. That, and possibly adding a gasifier to his next prototype to power his creation with crop waste.

Via Afrigadget

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