Pinball machines create beautiful, chaotic art

Recently we brought you a piece on the surprisingly simple pieces of art created by playing today's complex video games. Now we're bringing you some pretty complicated art made by a game that's been around since the 1930s — pinball.

Netherlands based graduate student Sam van Doorn brings us a project he's entitiles STYN. He's modified the parts from and old pinball machine to create a visual representation of the game play. Standard flippers control an ink-coated ball that moves based on the gameplay and creates the arcing lines found on the tracing paper placed on the surface.

In a complete turn around from the video game art that becomes simpler when the user mastered the moves, in STYN, van Doorn suggests that when skill comes into play with the pinball machine the more complex the drawings become as the user is able to send the ball along more varied trajectories.

Turning games into physical art seems like a trend that is on the rise. It's anyone's guess as to what we might see next — though I'd like to see if there is a way to capture the intense gameplay of Call of Duty, or even another gaming platform.

Sam van Doorn , via ThisIsColossal

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