The power of 15 iPads combines to form one touchscreen table

Years before the iPad, Microsoft showed off its own tablet PC, but it failed to catch on. Then, in 2007, Microsoft showed off a cool touchscreen table computer called the Surface. But the $10,000 price tag was a non-starter for most.

Now, continuing the Microsoft-frustrating trend, a team has unveiled a touchscreen table that's cheaper, and completely made of iPads. Universal Mind's iPad Table is an array of 15 iPads sharing the same wireless connection and all using an iPhone-controlled app that allows the devices to act as one display. Although the company shows off the ability to open a document on the array, it's not clear just how far the collection of iPads can go in terms of functioning as a unified computer.

Nevertheless, for those unable to afford one of Microsoft's touchscreen tables (now offered for $8,400 as the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense), this kind of set up could be the next best thing. Using the lowest cost iPad 2, and a tool like the free Mobile Multi Display app, you could easily put together something similar for about $6,000. Or, if you live in a tiny apartment, you could do the same thing with an array of 15 iPad minis and have a tiny touchscreen coffee table for just $4,935.

Universal Mind hasn't announced plans to offer its iPad Table as a commercial solution, so if you aren't planning on creating your own, you can see it, as well as a demo of the Mobile Multi Display app, in action in the videos below.

Via Universal Mind

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