Lego-themed hotel opening in 2013 in California

The obsession with all things Lego is something that transcends age and nationality, but no amount of Lego interest can replace visiting one of the theme parks dedicated to the iconic toy. Now one of those locations will offer another level of the Lego experience via a new hotel dedicated to its colorful aesthetic.

The Legoland Hotel at Legoland California will feature 250 guest rooms decked out in all the familiar Lego visuals, divided into three toy themes: Pirate, Adventure, and Kingdom. Although the hotel itself isn't constructed using Lego block-like materials, as some might hope for, the building is swathed in so much of the toy's iconography there will be no doubt as to where you're staying--smack dab in the middle of a Lego lover's dream.

And while the building's facade offers an inviting Lego-style entrance, the actual interior somehow looks a little bit dated, particularly when you have hotels like the Yotel hotel delivering futuristic confines that seem more well suited to the modern and minimalist feel associated with Legos. Nevertheless, the hotel will offer a unique experience, complete with a Lego-themed castle and swimming pool, both still under construction. You can take a brief tour of the facilities by checking out the video below.

Via ConsumerTraveler

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