Beats by Dre ski helmet lets you crank some tunes while crashing

If your idea of getting back to the beauty of nature involves bombing down a double black diamond trail while blasting your favorite tunes, this Beats by Dre ski helmet could be just the ticket.

If you've ever tried to use earbuds while wearing a regular helmet, you'll already know how uncomfortable that can be, and wearing regular headphones without a helmet doesn't help much if you crash into a tree.

This helmet is actually part of the popular BUG Communication line from ski and snowboard helmet maker POC, with the Beats headphones and microphone added into the neck roll. If you already have a POC helmet, you can buy the neck roll separately.

Either way it's going to be expensive. The complete helmet runs $330, while the neck roll by itself is $180. Then again, nothing with the fashionable Beats by Dre brand stamped onto it is ever cheap.

POC, via Gear Patrol

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