Amazonian spider builds decoys from the corpses of its prey

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon rain forest, a potentially new spider species has been found. The new breed has a trick up one of its eight sleeves as well. It's Predator-like (the kind that hunts Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Danny Glovers), creating a decoy in its web, tempting prey into its grasp.

Phil Torres, a biologist found the spider. He speculates that the spider uses the decoy because it is so small a predator. The spider, speculated to be a part of the Cyclosa genus, is a mere 5mm in diameter. The tiny spider builds its decoy with leaves, debris and the body parts of dead insects. It's macabre stuff.

Research to confirm whether or not the spider is indeed a new species is beginning at the Tamboapata Research Center in Peru. That includes dissection, dissemination in academic journals and naturally, plenty of peer review. For now, the decoy is unique enough for us.

Rainforest Expeditions via Engadget and Wired

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