iPhone case uses mirrors to let you secretly record video

Maybe you want to record events with your iPhone without holding up your handset and looking like a hapless tourist. Or maybe your intentions are of the covert sort and you'd like to surreptitiously record video for classified reasons. Well, whether you're would-be spy or just easily embarrassed, now there's a solution that actually works.

The MirrorCase holds your iPhone horizontally while recording the events in front of you. Essentially, to others you will look as though you're simply looking down at the screen of your iPhone, when in fact you're recording video. And in case there's any doubt that this device was created — at least in part — to secretly record video, the free associated app also allows you to enable a fake screen so that anyone who happens to look at your iPhone's screen won't realize that you're recording video.

At present, the $50 case is only designed for the iPhone 4 and 4S, but there is also a version for the iPad scheduled for release. You can see the MirrorCase in action in the video below.

MirrorCase, via BoingBoing

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