Gallery: Survivalist bunker opens just in time for Mayan apocalypse

With just three days to go until the Mayan Apocalypse, where the heck are you going to go to ride this one out? With other bunker options already sold out, your best bet is a newly opened facility in Indiana that's just perfect for surviving the end of the world.

We first saw the TerraVivos bunkers a couple of years ago, but now with near perfect timing their first location is finally open for business. With just a few spots left, they're having a sale of apocalyptic proportions so procrastinating survivalists can get in just in time before the December 21 deadline.

With room for just 80 survivalist nutjobs forward thinking people, the bunker offers all the comforts of home including a lounge with a giant HDTV and reclining leather chairs, three meals a day, and five toilets and two showers that you all get to share.

Check out the gallery to see the creature comforts offered by the Indiana bunker. If it all looks good to you, spaces are on sale until Thursday for $50,000 each. However, I wouldn't expect a refund if the world doesn't actually end.

TerraVivos, via Treehugger

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