Flying Hexapod Quadcopter is the robot insect from your nightmares

Spiders, especially the big ones, can be creepy, right? But what if there was such a thing as a giant, flying spider? Now what if that giant, flying spider had the intelligence of say, a low-level robot? That would be a nightmare, right? Well, friends, some nightmares come true. Introducing, the Hexapod Quadcopter.

If you haven't already seen the unsettling moves of the hexapod, then this unholy mashup may be even more jarring. But for those familiar with both the hexapod and the quadcopter, the combination seems like an inevitability. Composed of a carbon fiber frame, the Hexapod Quadcopter actually uses six rotors to maintain aerial stability. (Yes, it should be called the "Hexapod Hexcopter," but we didn't name it.) The creators at Mad Lab Industries put the flying robot together for fun, but the more you watch the thing operate, the clearer it is that this kind of robot could very rapidly become the standard, as opposed to the humanoid robots many have imagined populating our cities in the future.

And to you tough guys and gals out there who'd like to pretend you wouldn't run screaming from this thing if it suddenly plopped down on your shoulder, please...spare us. This thing is terrifying. You can see the spine tingling precision of the Hexapod Quadcopter in action in the video below.

Via Hackaday

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