Beautiful Picasso light paintings resurface from the 1940s

It's not terribly often that little before seen work of an incredibly prolific artist comes to light. LIFE magazine has released an archived set of light paintings from Pablo Picasso taken by Armenian photographer Gjon Mili.

The photos were shot and published in 1949, when Mili visited the then 67-year-old Picasso and demonstrated the light painting techniques he had been pioneering. Picasso was intrigued by the results and wanted to experiment. Mili, unsurprisingly obliged. LIFE recently emptied an archive of photos and re-publicized the works.

Across five special photography sessions, Picasso worked with a light pen and Mili with a pair of cameras and a stroboscope. The results are astounding. A centaur makes an appearance in one painting, as does a vase of flowers, and the legendary artist's signature.

LIFE via co.Design

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