Android-controlled Bluetooth toilet cranks up the creepy

A Bluetooth-enabled toilet is something that we expect (and secretly want) from Japan. These three Satis toilets are controllable by an Android app. It's an idea that's more creepy than it is practical.

Naturally, the Bluetooth controls allow a remote flushing feature. The argument in favor of this feature would be less interaction between your hand in the toilet. That logic is solid. Theoretically, your hand would not need to touch the toilet. Unfortunately, logic says that this app would also, increase the interaction between your ass and your phone or worse. Other features include a retractable, remote-controlled bidet. The video also shows the bidet has intensity controls.

Now, if that makes you even moderately uncomfortable, imagine how uncomfortable your new remote-controlled toilet could make your friends. A mysterious flush is the tip of the iceberg. There is simply no prank like the surprise bidet strike.

The Satis series of toilets will be launched by Lixil in early 2013.

Lixil, via CNET and Geek

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