Disposable, paper USB drive makes data transfers a bit more green

In recent years, media experts have been predicting the death of paper as a means for transmitting information in business and amongst friends. But one company is determined to make sure that paper not only survives, but merges with USB technology in an innovative way that could give the medium a whole new lease on life.

A company called Intellipaper has developed a system for creating disposable USB drives embedded in paper products such as business cards, promotional mailers, and greeting cards. The company embeds a silicon chip between layers of paper, laminates those layers, and then prints conductive USB traces onto the paper which connect to the chip. The finished paper USB drive works just like a plastic drive and can be filled with data and mailed just like any other paper mailer.

The developers are hoping to introduce the product commercially in June of 2013. Unfortunately, with only seven days to go to reach their $300,000 funding goal, and just $1,300 collected as of this writing, it doesn't appear likely that this Indiegogo campaign will succeed.

Nevertheless, the idea is solid and could offer a number of unexplored innovations. You can see Intellipaper's disposable USB drive in action in the video below.

Via Indiegogo

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