Dear Apple, please make this 4K Apple smart TV concept real

Concept designs are often interesting and fun peeks into what inventors and designers have in store for us in the future. But it's rare that we see a major CEO so excited about a possible product from another company that he develops a concept design and strategy for it. It's rare, but that's what just happened to Apple's long-rumored smart television.

Brightcove CEO Jeremy Allaire has just unveiled an elaborate strategy for the rollout of a concept Apple smart television, complete with detailed mock-ups of a peripheral device's ports and even a concept design for the television itself. Posting on his company's blog, Allaire envisions a two-pronged approach in which Apple might sell a rectangle-shaped companion device that could be attached to any TV, and an ultra-thin Apple-brand smart television with screen sizes offered in 46-inches and 60-inches.

The companion device, which Allaire prices at $149, would facilitate apps, gaming, storage, sensors, and a front-facing camera. The television is envisioned as a sleek display with 3-terabytes of storage and probably 4K resolution. If that's not ambitious enough, in addition to using the iPad as a remote, he then goes on to say, "Apple TV will support voice- and motion-based input for global menus and navigation..." The 3,000-word post delves into such detail that you begin to wonder if Allaire is just another rabid Apple fanboy, or perhaps knows something that we don't.

Sure anyone can pontificate on the possibilities of an Apple smart television, and even have a designer dive into Photoshop to come up with visual aids. But when the head of a public company with a market cap of half a billion dollars focused on the online video space does this, it's a good idea to consider what such an expert thinks might be coming down the pike. You can see more of Allaire's Apple smart television mock-ups in the gallery below.

Via Brightcove

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