Programmer 'writes' 800,000 books by algorithm

We have robots that can read books at extreme speeds, and now we have algorithms that can write them at breakneck pace. This isn't your twenty-monkeys-in-a-room-with-a-typewriter-for-twenty-years type story either. These books are on Amazon.

There's 800,000 of them on Amazon, to be exact. Phillip M. Parker, a marketing professor at INSEAD, patented a system that compiles raw data into readable book forms.

Obviously, we're not talking about the next Moby Dick here. In fact, most of these books aren't even written when they are purchased. The data exists, so a user can pick a topic, and the book will be written to specification.

Again, these books will be filled with data and the like, not long interesting prose or poetic verse.

Regardless, for some random topics (say, a rare disease or the details on a particular neighborhood you're considering moving into), this can prove incredibly useful.

Via ExtremeTech

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