Video: The dazzling beauty of OLEDs

We've written about Lumiblade before, but there's a new video out from Dezeen showing a ton of cool uses for OLED lighting. Dezeen filmed at the Lumiblade Creative Lab in Aachen, Germany where the focus is on how OLED technology can be used in the future.

Dietmar Thomas of Philips Lumiblade gave a pretty dazzling demonstration of all things OLED. Here's Thomas on their plan for the future of OLEDs:

Just imagine windows with where transparent OLEDs are integrated. During the day the sun shines into the room and at night you're not switching on the ceiling lamp or the wall lamp, you're switching on the window. OLED will open up completely new ways where light can be introduced to the customer. In the far future, say five or 10 years or so, you'll paint the wall with a colour with OLEDs mixed into it, so when you apply a current, the whole wall lights up.

OLED is the first light source that is a surface light source. All other lights sources are point light sources, starting with the flame, the candle and going up to the light bulb and the LED. For the first time you don't need a system to spread the light. The system is built in.

That's quite something. Thomas expects OLEDs to enter the mass market within the next five years. They could also change how lighting is used in the automobile industry since OLEDs are thinner than LEDs — like more interior car space or shorter cars.

Vimeo, via Dezeen

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