iPhone map app overlays a virtual path on the real world

Using your smartphone's GPS map functions to find your way in the real world, in real-time is a skill that some of us still haven't mastered, no matter how simply the visual information is presented. But now, thanks to augmented reality, using GPS maps can be simple process even for the cartography-challenged.

The MapFan Eye is an iPhone app that allows you to input a map route and then have that route super-imposed on your smartphone's screen, guided by a line that points you in the right direction. You can view the real-time arrow as a full screen image as you walk toward your destination, or you can use the app in dual screen mode, which shows you the live video image overlay as well as the GPS map graphic. If you can't find your way to a location using this app, then you're probably a hopeless case.

The app is offered as a free download and works on iOS 6 on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. You can see the MapFan Eye in action in the video below.

Via Impress Watch

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