Gallery: Canada's finished 'Twisted' skyscrapers

The Chinese architecture firm MAD has completed the Absolute Towers after six long years of planning and construction. Located in the city of Mississauga in Ontario, the two towers stand at about 492 and 557 feet, respectively. Apartments are located on each oval-shaped floor and the levels are rotated gradually to give the towers that unique curvy outline.

Here's MAD founder Ma Yansong on the Absolute Towers:

The concept of the tower at the beginning was very simple. We just wanted to make something organic but different, more natural and more soft and not something too strong that would remind people of money or power. Lots of cities like this are happening in China, just repeating the modern urban typology and always making square towers. We were thinking; how about reversing that? So we don't treat architecture as a product, or an artificial volume or space. It's more like a landscape.

MAD won the bid to design the towers in 2006 and Mississauga residents began referring to the curvaceous buildings as "the Marilyn Monroe towers." The apartments in both skyscrapers have wrap around balconies that provide excellent views of nearby Toronto — this also keeps the residences shaded from direct sunlight in the summer.

Design Boom, via Dezeen

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