DNA test turns your lineage into a gorgeous, global infographic

Whether it's a local politician claiming Native American ancestry or your hipster friend asserting some vague familial connection to French aristocracy, thanks to advances in science it's becoming increasingly difficult to obscure one's true ancestry.

One company now promises to make the process even easier and more affordable. 23andMe has unveiled a new product called Ancestry Composition that takes a person's genetic ancestry data and produces a global map infographic that delivers specific details on what regions around the world that person has originated from, based on a pool of 22 populations worldwide, spanning 500 years into the past.

By also employing the power of design, 23andMe could be seen as introducing the "app-ification" of DNA mapping, an approach that has proven to help complicated data go down easier, and scale quicker in terms of mainstream adoption.

In addition to the attractive new graphic representation tool, the company has also reduced its pricing for DNA testing from $299 — a bit steep for the casually curious — down to $99, a price point that could be just painless enough to encourage more people to dive into the sometimes mysterious world of genetic fingerprinting.

The company's DNA Spit Kit ships in a couple of days, and once you send your sample back results can be received in about two to three weeks. You can find out more here.

Via 23andMe

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