Bike concept wants to make your commute way more stylish

Designer Madella Simone decided to create a bike concept that stands out from the crowd. Her fashionable urban commuter has enough pizazz to spice up even the most uneventful ride to work. Simone's hope is that more people will opt to to take bikes instead of cars — especially if they have a sweet ride like her design, dubbed MOOBY.

MOOBY plays with the word mobility to show that this fun one-speed is up for the challenges of urban riding. It even offers a "paneled, modular system that makes it possible to easily re-skin your ride with personalized graphics." That means that you can change the look depending on your mood.

Click through the gallery of Simone's work to find a MOOBY that suits your personality. If you already ride a bike to work, would you switch to her design for some thing more unique? If you take a car, would this sleek commuter change your mind?

Via Yanko Design

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