New Google Maps app means iPhone users can stop hiding at home

When Apple released iOS 6 a few months ago, many users were dismayed to find the Google Maps program replaced by Apple's own admittedly inferior mapping program. Now after a nearly three month wait, iOS 6 users can get their beloved Google Maps back with the just released Google Maps for iPhone app.

No longer will the Australian police be scouring the wilderness for people led astray by Apple Maps, and iOS 6 users won't have to revert to using old-fashioned paper maps to get around.

Released just a few hours ago, the new Google Maps app has quickly risen to become the number one download in the iTunes app store. I expect there will also be a big surge in iOS 6 downloads too, as people like myself who held off on the upgrade due to the maps issue finally take the plunge.

Just be clear, Apple Maps will remain the native mapping program included in iOS 6, only now you will be able to switch between it and Google Maps without having to rely on a workaround solution.

Google Maps for iPhone, via Wired Gadget Lab

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