Lego Santa Claus Mech will destroy the naughty, power load the nice

For those of us who celebrate Christmas, the distinctly non-techie icons of the season have stood the test of time despite the forward march of digital culture. However, one inventive designer came up with a way to merge science fiction aesthetics with the upcoming holiday, resulting in one bad-ass Santa Claus.

Created by cartoonist and Lego enthusiast Mark Anderson, the Lego Santa Claus Mech looks like a cross between Old Saint Nick and Ripley's power loader. Featuring two robo-arms, one emblazoned with "naughty" the other with "nice," the red and white exoskeleton also features a slick little back-mounted globe compartment for storing gifts. The figure is also fully posable, with adjustable wrists, fingers, knees, elbows, shoulders, and hips.

It looks like this is a one-off project, and there's no word on whether Anderson is thinking of taking orders for this bit of genius, so in the meantime you can get a better look at Santa Mech in the gallery below.

Via Neatorama

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