13 seriously high-tech DIY ornaments that make great gifts

DIY geekdom doesn't take a break for the holidays: delving head-first into the wonders of technology is a 365-day-a-year-pastime. And really, what better time to showcase your techno-tinkerings than the holidays? After all, the modern-day Christmas celebration is built around household technologies, be it the array of lights that makes your roof visible from space or the animatronic Saint Nick dancing a non-stop yuletide jig in your front yard.

The holidays, then, are the perfect excuse for the true DIY enthusiast to share their basement engineering feats with the whole neighborhood, nay, the world! And keeping with the tradition of homemade seasonal tech, we decided to scour the DIY webspace to find the most seriously high-tech DIY Christmas ornaments. Here, we present the projects— for electronics amateur and auteur alike— that will transform a traditional (read: boring) Christmas tree into something truly geektastic.

Happy Holidays, nerds*!

*That's a compliment 'round these parts.

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