Disney unveils flying, fire-breathing mechanical dragon

If you walked into a Disney building and saw flying dragon, you'd probably assume that some wirework and robotics were responsible. But if you then stepped outside, looked up at the night sky and saw a flying, fire-breathing dragon, then you might start worrying.

That's the amazing experience Disney World recently unveiled at its New Fantasyland exhibit in Orlando, Florida. The dragon is actually an ultralight aircraft powered by a rear propellor and stabilized by a parawing. Unlike the precise moves of a hovering robotic drone, the wind-dependant parawing gives the dragon a more realistic swaying motion that adds to the illusion of organic movement.

Not only does the dragon fly and breathe fire, but it also flaps its wings and moves its mouth. During the day, the mechanism is an obvious fake, but at night, with the dragon's mechanical bits obscured, the sight is amazingly realistic.

You can check out the dragon wowing visitors during one of its night flights in the videos below.

Via Gizmag and InsideTheMagic

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