Would you pay $25,000 for every U.S. Super Nintendo game?

Okay Nintendo fans. This is the moment you've been waiting for. A video game collector, who goes by the name "byuu," is offering up every single U.S. Super Nintendo game for a cool $25,000. The seller is accepting other offers, too, but it's probably not a bad deal for 721 games.

For your $25,000, you get every licensed SNES game with the box and 85 percent of the games have the instruction manual, too. This doesn't include any unlicensed or promotional games, such as the highly sought after Nintendo Powerfest 1994. We still think it could be worth the asking price, since some of these games are really tough to find and others can sell for more than $300 without a box.

It took byuu, the creator of the popular bsnes emulator, about 2,000 hours of work over three years to buy, scan and clean every game. After this collection sells, he plans to use the earnings to acquire and then eventually sell every European and Japanese SNES game, too.

Reddit, via Gizmag

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